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We not only understand and deliver the functional needs of our customers but also think creatively and go the extra mile in providing them highly usable, widely reachable, easily manageable applications.

Facebook is the most popular social media network used by billions of people across the world. It is a very large application with a myriad of connections and interaction points  from likes, timelines, sticky posts, pages, fan gates, simple apps, full apps and ads  and really to engage and get the most out of your Facebook you need to understand the implications of these elements.

Etisbew Technologies is expert at building Facebook apps customising Facebook to meet business requirements integrating your business and web presence into Facebook and have been doing it for the last five years. This ranges from specific campaign that require landing pages, lead capture techniques, shopping baskets, shop windows and many more to compelling fangate pages that entice the user in.

Call us today to discuss how Facebook can be used to integrate with your business needs and marketing.

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