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Security Consulting

It is true in many instances that as an organization grows, there is a lot of information exchanges between the stakeholders like employees, partners, suppliers and customers. As there is major flow of information across the globe there is an increased threat to the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility to this information.

The adverse effects of a security breaches are dents in brand image, possible revenue loss, liabilities legally and a lower productivity. These security breaches could come in many forms like computer virus, malware infections, phishing attacks etc. They could also stem from internal factors like employees getting unauthorized access to information that are not allowed to view or use, password mismanagement, employees sharing their access information with third parties.

We at Etisbew, backed by the right competency and experience analyze and prepare a strategic plan of information security or framework that is aligned with your business objectives for implementing, monitoring & measuring the Information Security Management System.

Etisbew’s IT security Offering to you

1. Information Security Consulting that includes

  • Security framework consulting
  • Security Design
  • Security Architecture
  • Testing
  • Vulnerability Valuation and
  • Security Audit


2. Access and Identity Management Services including

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Access Management Solution
  • Identity Management Solution
  • Implementation
  • Directory Service and
  • Authentication Service


3. Manages Security Services

  • Incident Monitoring and Alerting
  • Security Infrastructure Management
  • Authentication Service
  • Endpoint Security
  • Anti-Phishing & Anti Malware Services
  • Vulnerability Evaluation


4. System Integration Services that includes

  • Security Solution Integration & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Product Assessment
  • Solution Migration
  • On-site & Off-site Support


We bring the following Value through our services

  • Efficient and Modernized incident and event management methods
  • Improved responsiveness, scalability and flexibility
  • Greater data privacy and integrity
  • Better visibility into security, compliance and operational issues
  • Lower operational costs
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